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Child Physiotherapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for children, what does that mean? Is it only for children who have broken a bone or have an illness? Not at Stepping Stones Therapy!  Let’s dive a little deeper into what physical therapy is and how it can help.
Physical therapy is provided by a licensed physical therapist or physical therapy assistant. These type of therapists specialize in increasing strength, improving balance, and improving coordination. With children they work to improve a child’s gross motor skills. These are skills that require large muscle groups; crawling, walking, stair climbing, jumping, running, balancing on one foot, walking on a balance beam.

If your child is not walking, trips and falls, complains of being tired when walking far distances, has difficulty on the playground, and avoids movement activities because they seem hard, physical therapy can help!
Physical therapy sessions at Stepping Stones Therapy will use a variety of obstacle courses, equipment, and activities to help your child build strength, improve balance, improve coordination, and be able to keep up with peers their age in gross motor tasks.

At Stepping Stones Therapy, physical therapists encourage children to KEEP MOVING! All of our physical therapy sessions are dynamic. Children are kept engaged in fun movement tasks that don’t feel like hard work! Children experience the world around them in a variety of ways, and movement is one of them. By getting children moving we are allowing them to become independent in exploring their environment.

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